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Appreciating the common spiritual heritage of Christians and Jews and following the moral guidelines of the Torah and the Gospel – which are binding both for Jesus followers and Jewish brothers and sisters – with particular regard to “love your neighbor” commandment, we have decided to set up the Zikaron Foundation.

Fundacja żydowska upamiętniająca żydów w Poznaniu

Na cmentarzu Żydowskim w Wołominie, lata trzydzieste XX w.
fot. ze zbiorów Heleny i Józefa Pirógów.

Zikaron Foundation – which in Hebrew stands for “memory” – is pursuing the objective of commemorating material Jewish heritage in Poland, making efforts to develop cooperation and dialogue between nations, inspire and popularize activities devoted to Jewish history and culture, as well as its connections with Polish history and culture.

Fundacja upamiętniająca żydów Poznań
Fundacja żydowska Poznań

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