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Jewish cemetery in Wołomin. Place of eternal rest for Jewish residents of Wołomin and its surroundings. This cemetery (kirkut) was established at the end of the nineteenth century at former Ślepa Street (currently Generał W. Anders Street).

Before World War II, the Jews represented almost half of the Wołomin population. Jewish industrialists, who were the founders of numerous enterprises, including “Wołomin” glassworks, significantly contributed to the development of the city. In the interwar period, one synagogue and two houses of prayer were functioning in Wołomin. Jewish associations, libraries, sport clubs and schools were operating in the city.  

After the German army had entered Wołomin in 1939, a Jewish ghetto was established and then liquidated in November 1942. The majority of Jewish residents of the city lost their lives in the Treblinka death camp. Following the end of hostilities in 1945, at least several Jews, who tried to continue their ancestors’ traditions, remained within the city area. The last burials within the Cemetery were performed in the post-war years.

The Foundation, in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Warsaw, is making efforts to commemorate the forgotten and neglected necropolis. It has been successful in contacting the witnesses of history and organizing a group of local enthusiasts of the city’s past, as well as to raise financing for erecting a commemorative plaque.

Sefer Wołomin. Memorial books are publications created by Jews after World War II to describe the destroyed Jewish communities of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Foundation is making efforts to have the Memorial Book of Wołomin (Sefer zikaron Volomin), which was published in the 1970s in Israel, translated from Yiddish into Polish.

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